Evaluating Flooring Options for Industrial & Commercial Facilities

Locate Nearby commercial contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - Some types of grout are porous and can absorb and hold moisture, harboring mold and other microbes. Decision-makers in highly frequented operations would do well to explore other flooring options. At first glance, quarry tile or ceramic tile can seem like a good idea for commercial or industrial settings. Other varieties of grout can shrink over time or when exposed to certain temperatures, creating dark gaps where pathogens like to hide. Grout lines in tiled floors can be extremely difficult to clean and sanitize. After all, tile provides a safe and easily cleanable surface, doesn’t it? “Not so fast,” say the experts. Tile flooring can also be very slippery when wet, presenting a significant risk of trip-and-fall events in commercial, industrial and institutional settings. ..More

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Best Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

Top 10 Best licensed contractors - Resources & Guides - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - In large commercial areas such as shopping centers, aesthetics are extremely important for creating an appealing environment for shoppers. ..More

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Resin Floors: Acid Resistant Coating Solutions

Find emergency contractors - Contractor Forum Pages - A variety of fluid-applied resin flooring with different levels and types of acid corrosion resistance is available for locations such as laboratories, chemical processing plants, chemical storage areas, and food and beverage processors to name but a few. Acid-resistant floor coating systems are a requirement in a number of different industries and applications, and are chosen based on the types of chemicals and acids in a given space, as well as the duration of floor’s exposure to the potentially damaging substances. ..More

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Lifetime Cost Savings of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Directory listing of commercial contractors - Service Tech Forum Forums - Faster curing floor coatings help minimize downtime, reducing or eliminating potential inconvenience to employees and visitors while the floor is being renovated or installed. When epoxy flooring systems are installed, there are a variety of quick curing options to choose from. . Less disruption to business-as-usual means better results for the company’s bottom line. And low odor formulations are available, allowing daily operations to continue, while new resinous flooring is being laid ..More

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